march, 2019

velvet skin, the new matte... call it what you will.  after years of uber highlighting and contouring, we’ve made our way back to matte.  it still has glow but it’s subtle and understated.  

less is more...

pores no more... my idea of heaven.

never boring...

the skin looks dewy but not shiny or sparkly.

love it with this apricot pop...

just enough!

march, 2019

closets of all shapes and sizes can benefit so much from the edit!

maybe you just need someone to ask all your burning style and fit questions and i love doing that most of all! gaining confidence in what to wear and developing personal style isn’t easy. i’ve just been able to practice on hundreds of women and i can show you all the tricks and secrets i’ve learned over the past 8 years of styling women in my shop.

i’m struck constantly by how much fun it is doing this together! ❤️

march 2019

black tights // white tennis shoes

finding inspiration on pinterest is an easy way to replicate your favorite looks and mix it up a bit. 

one of the best pieces of advice i received before opening mira mira is that you have to have a mantra. my inspiring friend josie @thefrontporchsf @rockbarsf told me this. i went with ‘don’t think to much, just do it!’  and to a certain extent, i achieved this some of the time. and when it flowed, it was the best feeling in the world!

my new mantra is a bit simpler. ‘go with what you know.’  i think this will be pretty sound advice for me going forward in my new business.  it’s positive and more affirming... it’s all about the DO and not about the DON’T. 

i honestly believe that having a mantra in life is also pretty life changing.

what would yours be?

free fashion advice?  this photo was taken in 2015.  #meditatestate

february, 2019

a monochromatic masterpiece.

why it works...

1.  monochromatic looks are better when they’re not matchy matchy.  adding a variety of similar tones makes it feel effortless and elevated.

2.  a slightly tucked sweater, pushed up sleeve, and the movement of a wrap skirt defines the waist, wrist and leg, emphasizing the form underneath.

3.  big bold bangles are a perfect accessory that don’t interrupt the flow of color.  they also help tie the look together.

4.  wine and and a gorgeous mustardy camel are introduced as complimentary colors.  they don’t have to be perfect matches to still look perfect.