sandra oh!

january 2020
this is the nownow.  sandra mansour for spring summer 2020.  and i’m done.

fall back nails

november 2019
seasons change and so do the colors of the season.  these nails are giving me some serious fall vibes, honayyyy.  it’s safe to say that matte is in AGAIN and i feel you can never go wrong with a perfect fall ombre.  or maybe fun some fun with tortoise?  there are SO many good ones here.  which will you chose?

pale blue matte at maryam nassir zadeh

split personality

tibi for the win.  matte sparkle.  okkkkk.

perfect fall combo

matte. it’s what’s for fall.

tahari elected for a perfectly neutral gray

shiny leopard pop

rodarte with glitter two ways

the bridal edit

november, 2019

you’re probably so over me like a broken record over here but i seriously cannot get over it! really letting it all go is still new to me. 😂 but seriously, the universe has a funny way of showing you your path if you just trust and let go enough to see it. i’ve been waiting some time to formally announce a new focus for the edit and i wasn’t sure why. i realize now that everything has come together exactly as it should and i’m ready for it.

you can say that the idea to style brides bumped into me one day (and i’m truly grateful for it!) but helping women to know their bodies and to feel their best is something that i’ve been dedicated to for the last decade of my life. it’s my passion because it plays to my strengths but mostly because it connects from the heart.  it’s no coincidence that there’s been a heart in my logo since day 1 and that my shop was filled with them.  it’s been my greatest joy to style women by connecting on that level.  we have so many misconceptions and negative thoughts about our bodies and i understand this so completely because of my own experience.  through vulnerability and connection, i’ve been able to help women understand their natural assets and to accentuate them in an effortless way. it feels good that women feel that they can trust me enough to open up and try new things.

i cannot think of a day more important in the life of any woman to feel completely in her skin and at ease... her most authentic, confident self... than on her wedding day. the bridal edit seeks to bring brides for all their dresses (and mother’s-of-brides, bridesmaids, flower girls, ok everyone!) to an elevated level of subtlety, effortless beauty, confidence, and cohesion.

please check out my site for all the new services. i am so excited to share them with you. 💕✨

xx mira

blush rush

october 2019
there’s some serious wow factor going on with cheeks right now and of course, i’ve decided to jump on board.  i go in and out of love with blush but next thing you know, it’s the one thing i can’t live without.  with so many colors and formulas to chose from, you can say i’ve become a bit obsessed.  what else is new?

make a ‘c’, they say

some major pop above the hollow

ripe peach

dust across apples, up to the eyes

to the eyebrown and beyond!

berry stained

most wanted 

october, 2019
what’s the single most requested item that’s in the closet of all of my clients?  it’s the super soft, long-sleeve button down shirt.  they’re both having a moment and always a classic.  imho, if you want the absolute best, you’ll find one from xirena.  fabric is everthing when it comes to how something drapes and it’s why my clients always ask me why their picks never seem to look as effortless as what they see on pinterest.  and while there’s a lot of options out there, xirena has really nailed the perfect fit.  yes, they might be more expensive than ones you’d find at knock-off stores but those just never look like the original.  it’s one and done here and with proper care, you’ll have it for the rest of your life. plus there are unique colors and prints to chose from season after season, and all in a variety of fabrications.  i suggest you start with the basic white beau and your closet will never be lonely again.