as the weather gets colder, the question of scarves comes front and center.  yes, they are for cold weather but there are so many fun ways to wear them.
monochrome is king.  allow your scarf to help seal the deal.

a parisian ponytail 

let a bright silk scarf hang freely over a
blazer or coat to add some color


dress up a high bun by wrapping a silky scarf all the around and tucking
in the ends.

not a huge fan of fur but feeling this look to the max.  a side tied scarf to adds a bit of color to an otherwise winter white look.  

make use of your silky scarves by tying them on your
handbags of similar colors. 

need i say any more?

 a silk scarf works as an amazing waist belt with jeans
and high waisted trousers

go big or go home! a blanket scarf looks great with a tailored blazer.  

turban your heart out.  and keep you ears warm while you’re at it.

december, 2018

a lot of you have asked why i closed mira mira. yes, it is a lot harder today out here in retail land.
and shopping is still fun and i have no intention of stopping or convincing anyone else not to.
but the thing is, i have to admit that my own beliefs around it are shifting.

i first realized this when i edited a lot of my own wardrobe.  when i started the journey of purging and shopping my own closet, it helped to simplify my life. when i weeded out the fat of what i wasn’t wearing, i turned more to the hidden gems that i loved (but couldn’t see) and then invested in the best of what’s missing in my wardrobe.  it helped me wear what i already owned.  it simplified getting dress in the morning. (and who couldn’t use even a few more minutes of freedom in their day?)

it’s almost like a strategy, i’m calling it conscious shopping.  we woke. (up in here, up in here! 😂) 

plus, have you noticed that trends seem a lot more amorphous lately?  i sincerely believe that’s because personal style never goes out of style. wearing things that look good on your body and represent your personal taste are effortless and timeless.  sometimes it’s hard to figure out what your personal style is or what really looks best on your body.  that’s understandable.  i’ve spent the past 8 years learning about that by working with hundreds of women in my shop.  it’s not something that comes natural to everyone and i learned a lot through trial and error.  that’s why i started the edit

i know you’ve seen those enviable, fashionable women.  they look timeless and trendless.  they give nods to trends but they are not slaves to them.  it’s because it’s really pretty simple. what makes *you* look good and feel good will always be in style.  together, we will figure out what that means to YOU!

i’m redefining what retail therapy really means now.  it’s a rewarding journey.  i hope you join me. 


with so much love, 


december, 2018

this outfit is an expert balance of proportion and texture. 

why it works...

1.  an oversized look on over-drive is effortlessly balanced by just the slightest peek of skin. an open backed mule is a perfect way to lighten things up.

2.  pairing two similar knits together brings a casual, undone vibe reminiscent of pj’s.  who doesn’t want to rock them daytime?

3.  a faux fur jacket will instantly elevate the look.  playing with cropped and longer layers gives a bit more shape and defintion.  the side slits assist in the process. 

4.  a super fresh way to rock a scarf this season.  the subtle pop at the neckline contrasts perfectly with a minimal earring.

november, 2018

  1. the edit ;) !!  who doesn't want to start their year off with a tidy closet?
  2. a favorite for every year, the 2019 eat local calendar.
  3. for the new mama in your life, a boob baby blanket!
  4. it's time to take my house smart. wireless sound for all the rooms!
  5. and while we're on the smart tip, why not wireless colored leds?
  6. after recently picking up a cheap jade face roller, i'm ready to up my roller game.  rose quartz is so 2019.
  7. a vitamin c water filter for your hair and skin?  umm yes please!
  8. it's time to make coffee at home again. up your home brew game. 
  9. someone gave me a crystal-infused water bottle for my bday and now i'm hooked.  they make such great gifts!
  10. a gift certificate to my favorite korean spa in town.  a scrub down and soak, yes please.