7!  7shoes... (hahaha)
october, 2020

they may not be the most fun or the most FASHUN but if you include these seven basic shoes in your wardrobe, you will be able to wear everything that you own.  i live in sf, so mine are mostly closed-toe but this is an easy subsitute depending on where you live and what’s best for you.  and the colors you chose can also be your own, with what would work best in your closet.   but these seven here, they will literally cover all the bases.  

a midi boot
i chose suede in a super
neutral because it looks great w
black but every other color, too.

the basic tennie
a white staple for all wardrobes.  this will go w literally everything but it can be black if that’s better for you.

animal print any way 
the shape you chose is totally up to you.  these are comfy for work but fancy enough, too.

the disappearing shoe
a neutral color like this with a bit of heel is good for dresses, skirts, pants, and jeans.  the lower profile, the better.

the party shoe 
a dainty toe and stacked heel in fun metallic make this dress-up shoe easy to pair with so much.

the black pump  
from now until eternity, this i a shoe that is important, regardless of your personal style.  a necessary basic for so many things.

the shootie 
the ankle is important here.  whether it’s western or not, the low profile shoe/bootie is king.