inside mama’s closet
february 24, 2022

today is my mama’s anniversary and this year, i want to rememeber it by posting about the “forget-me-not” box as a way to preserve some of the dearest items from your closet.  saving precious items for generations to come tells a story of a life once lived.  

i like to think of the “forget-me-not” box as a keepsake for the pieces that you don’t wear but that you treasure.  if you don’t have enough room to store all the clothes that you do wear, making space in your closet is sometimes a necessity.  keeping these pieces altogether in a treasure chest of sorts allows you to access them when you want to but keep them out of sight when you don’t. 

when my mama passed away, i inherited the contents of her closet.  there were so many beautiful pieces that she kept meticulously.  i used the opportunity to save some of my favorite pieces for me and also to sell some to the customers of my dear little shop, mira mira, that closed on new year’s eve in 2018.

here is a look at some of the treasures that i saved and some that i let go.  it makes me feel so grateful knowing that these treasures (even for a short while) were with people that know the history of these garments and the precious energy that they hold in my heart.