anatomy of an outfit
september 2020

more and less.  oversized and refined at the same time.  how does she do it?  this outfit strikes a balance between the two to create a perfect silhouette of lady-like prim and proper with tomboy realness.
why it works...

1.  the epitome of cool.  long hair  “nonchalantly” tucked into a scarf or jacket.  a play on lengths.

2.  an oversized, neutral scarf casually wrapped around the neck for the perfect-imperfect drape.  

3.  the jacket is oversized but the cuffs around the wrist and hips define her shape underneath.  

4.  a bright pop of color via the peeking cuffs and hem of her oversized top.

5.  the jeans are definitely large-and-in-charge oversized and tomboy baggy but the curved and cropped silhouette elongates the leg and defines the ankle.

6.  a whisper heel and lady-like bag promotes the balance of feminine via masculine.  seeing her full foot and ankle here really helps to streamline the look.