this is the diary of a fashion victim
january 2020

hindsight is 2020, we get it.  had i known back in 2019 that there would be NO occasion to dress up at all for the past year, i might have been more diligent about stacking up my raya destination wedding fits. 😋😂


but seriously. there’s been a lot of talk lately of how to get out of the fashion rut that (lord knows) most of us are in.  here’s my favorite advice. if you challenge yourself to wear something different each day (instead of just reverting to what’s on top), you’ll be surprised how easy it is to get out of a draught and into an inspired new look daily.  sometimes taking a few moments the night before (just like in high school!) can make it so much easier and a lot more fun! 

so on february 1st, i’m gonna start this new year off right with a challenge.  i will wear a new outfit each day for the next 28 days (m-f) and i’ll be posting it to my stories. i’ll also make some template looks that anyone can easily recreate in their own closet.

and this is where you come in... if you feel like you’re up for it (even if it’s just for a day or two), tag or dm me so you can share your new outfit inspirations along the way. i’m going to need them! my hope is to encourage anyone that might be in the same kind of rut, to shine just a little bit extra right now. 

i’ll be starting w my first outfit in my stories in a few days and i can’t wait to see yours there, too.  i really hope you join me because i know that when you feel your best, you look your best #fromtheinsideout. this challenge will really help set the tone for a big 2021... living our best life, wherever we are!