the work of john luke eastman
february 2021

covid days make me reminisce about so many beautiful memories at my cozy mission district boutique.  i always wanted it to look like an extension of my childhood bedroom so it was filled with art from my home.  what i remember most about my store is the intimate connections that we had each and every day.  women routinely got naked in the shop somehow forgetting that this was a public place and i cannot think of a higher compliment to the community that we created there.  not only with our customers but also with all of the bright and beautiful women that worked there.  i consider our team to be the greatest success of that store.  in my 8 years of business, i really had only 10 employees total and when i think about all the hard work and dedication of those talented women, that will always be my greatest joy.  teamwork makes the dreamwork.  that is the brightest light of them all.  

the second thing that i remember most about the shop is the two prints of john luke eastman that met everyone right as they walked in the door.  these pieces were beloved by all who stepped inside so i wanted to share even more of his gorgeous pieces.  eastman is a “5th dimension” artist from southern california that rose to fame in the 60s.  his psychedelic work of gorgeous women was so indicative of the style and feel of mira mira and all of the women that shopped there.  their freedom and self-love is evident.  they are sometimes many women yet they are also one.

here are some of my very favorites...