healing from whole

october, 2021

today i want to talk a little bit about the metta prayer and also more about the work that i have been doing for the past few years on myself and with the women and transgender non-conforming clients that i work with.  when my adventure began with the edit, i knew that my work would first focus on the closet and how women organize it to create a flow that would make dressing easier.  this work also centers very heavily on gaining confidence on what looks great on us and what makes us feel our best.  it is often very emotional and deep spiritual labor because the secrets to body image and choices in purchasing are heavily tied to feelings about ourselves that often start in childhood or early adulthood.  and with each session, i am met with new traumas that must be unlocked, transmuted and healed.  as the work unfolds for me, more is also revealed about what shadows i have left to heal.  

so much has been spoken about shadow work and the importance of healing ourselves so that we do not continue to project our wounding into the world around us.  it is my belief that this is the most important work that each human will face in this lifetime.  but with compassion, i believe that this work is not for everyone, it is only for the ones that choose it.  why we choose it or not is up to us as individuals.  a lot of it is divinely orchestrated and it is unique to each of us.  as healers, this is where the work can get pretty sticky.  the truth is i have come to understand that healers can only heal by example and it must come by the way of compassion and kindness.   most importantly, it can only truly shine from within a vessel that is healed and whole.  that vessel is the container for our love, inner wisdom and our spiritual path.   

in the past, i often resorted to other methods of guiding and this was because of my own shadow yet to be healed.  the universe pushed me into it, step by step.  i’ve come to understand more clearly the role i often hold to the world around me and that this is also true for many, many people. whether intended or not, we are often a mirror... and maybe this should not have come as such a suprise to me as my name is mira “look”.  but the heaviness of living up to this role when i’m operating at a position of deficiency was not always great for all parties involved.  projection is a real and heavy thing.  as my work continued and doors opened to learn more about trauma, i really had to get assistance in my spiritual practice.  i truly believe that my work now is divinely guided and i rest in this peace, regardless of how difficult it may sometimes be.  in 2020, this could not have come more into focus for SO many of us in this dimension.

it is no secret that we are in the middle of a great transition time in our history.  2022 ushers in the wisdom of 6 energy and in short, this energy primarily has to do with love, change and new beginnings, in particular changes in the relationship with ourselves and those around us.  to better prepare myself for this transition, i began intense work with an energy healer to help me process all the information that was coming my way.  at first the work started slowly but in time, weekly, as i began to see the importance of all that i had to do within myself to better support the people in my life, myself included.  healers are not perfect people.  far from it.  in fact, healers carry a lot of trauma along with that inner knowledge within them.  that’s often why they choose to become healers in the first place. i also began taking classes at berkeley psychic institute to develop and trust my gifts in order to be of service to others in a larger way.  and honestly, i would truly recommend this community (it’s online and open to the world) to anyone and everyone who is interested in developing their own inner guidance and wisdom.  that’s a whole other post in itself and i promise, i will get there someday.

as we enter into this end-of-year cycle and all the planetary alignments and retrogrades, the beginning of the end is near.  we may notice that a lot of things are coming to a head in our lives right now. spirit is showing us what is leaving us, what we need to let go of, and what we also must surrender to.  surrendering is probably one of the most important things that we can do to align ourselves with our purpose and our path.  when i completely opened myself up to the role of god and the divine in my life, it became a lot easier for me to have faith in their plan for me.  but to get there, i have to find the support of god, therapy, healers, exercise, meditation, breath, nature, connection, self-love, sex, healthy living, and anything else that makes me feel alive and in my body. 

so what is the single most important thing that we can do to heal ourselves?  it’s the purpose of this whole post and i’m sorry that i took me so long to get to it.  we can send our heart energy to ourselves and to all of those around us.  when we act from a place of love and gratitude, accepting where we are on our path and where others are on theirs, when we send nothing but compassion and care to everything in our life, then we can truly heal and live.  i meditate on and say the metta prayer to myself and i have also learned to meditate on and say the metta prayer for others that might be in pain and need some spiritual support.  i pray for all humanity, daily.  i send loving energy to those that i love, to those that i have hurt, to those that have hurt me.  only when we exist on a frequency of unconditional love, can we heal others and ourselves.  i have found that love, compassion, and gratitude are the answers.  they are the true forms.  

next i have to learn how to not write so much.  😬️😂️😎️.  B U T... i do hope that these posts are interesting and helpful to you.  i realize that i am taking a more spiritual turn to honor the role as spiritual advisor and integrative coach that i am incorporating with my personal styling business.  this isn’t really a change from what i’m currently doing now with the clients that i work with.  i just finally decided to name it.

if there are things that you’d like to read, please write to me .  i’m waiting to hear from you.  

sending you so much love,