closet tip #1 // bling bling

april, 2020

with all this extra time on my hands, i’ve been doing the edit very slowly on my own closets and jewelry rn so i wanted to share some of my best organization tips as i come to them.

did you know that i barely wore jewelry or accessories for like 8 years?  it was the same thing daily. why?!?  because it was out of sight and out of my mind.  i just resorted to what i had on, not wanting to deal w what i didn’t even know i had.   as soon as i thinned out my jewelry by a lot and displayed it all in a prominent and organized way, i couldn’t be without it.  it was so weird.  i went from totally minimal to inspired and maximal just because of these simple things.  think of a way to organize your jewelry and display it like art. it is!

a couple of my fav vintage pieces...

so much easier to see all your necklaces if they’re hanging.  you can see them all at once and make the best choice for your outfit.  if you can’t see them, you won’t wear half as much as you own.

my earrings are organized by type in each of their cubbies.  pearl and clear, cloisonne, hoops, studs & rings... statement earrings!  make your own organized system that works for you.