mira’s closet tip #2 // everything in its right place

april, 2020
a return to the continuing series on my favorite methods for closet organization...

i like to organize closets to enhance functionality and easability.  that’s my launching point.  as i continue to share all of my ideas, you’ll see how they fit together to create a space that’s a lot less chaotic with the focus on making it easier to create dynamic, inspired outfits.

play this!  i helps to keep it all in perspective.  i promise.

i love coming back to a client’s closet to find everything exactly the way i left it.  this is honestly my favorite tip and it takes practice (and monthly maintenance) to keep it going.  a closet should be like a kitchen. every piece has its designated home and it always returns there after you wear it. keep your hangers where they are to hold your place to remember their homebase. it gets a lot easier w practice and it’s life changing for getting ready and creating outfits with total ease.  remember how much you hate it when you can’t find something?  this method of returning your items again and again to the same location will significantly reduce the mad dash at finding something when you need it most.  i absolutely know how frustruating that can be and that’s specifically why this tip is just so important.  

i’ll be explaining later on down the road HOW i actually organize a closet, the flow, and why i chose to do it the way that i do.  these individual tips all lead together to create a greater good.  a whole, organized closet gives you the opportunity to create and play and feel good about your physical self in the world.   it should induce a sense of calm that starts your day off on the right foot and that can only begin with being able to find exactly what you’re looking for and feeling good about what you are wearing.

keep on tuning in.  i’m really excited to share more.

xx mira