i woke up like this (NOT!)
january, 2022

whether omicron likes it or not, the world is opening up again.  while i’ve almost completely abandoned many of my time-consuming hair and makeup rituals for the past two years, i have created some new ones that can make me look virtual or real-world ready in a snap.  we’ve all read a lot about the five minute face but i’m gonne be honest with you, even that is too long for me these days. 

what i’ve collected here is a roundup of my favorite products that can take you from bed to zoom in 3 minutes flat.  i’m pretty heavy on my nighttime rituals.  i’ll often do multiple step masks, massages, lights, and more.  you can read about that all here.  but sometimes in the morning, i’ll do little more than splash extra cold water on my face, using a light facial tapping method to wake up my puffy eyes and dive right into this pandemic makeup routine.  (prepare for my closeup... natural light.)

i use my fingers for all of these products so there is no need to futz around with brushes.  it’s definitely a natural look that will give you that undone fresh-face “i just woke up like this” appeal.

and to be honest, i think this routine might just stick around just a bit longer than omicron.
clarins beauty flash balm

this is the holy grail of quick fixes.  i’ve been using this product for longer than i remember to combat the affects of late nights, too much alcohol, and dehydrated skin.  i’m not sure how it works but it does!  these days, i use it just to look extra perky every*single*day*.  it takes the most well-rested, hydrated face and kicks it up a notch BIG TIME!  there are days when this will be all that i use, it’s just that magic.

you use this product less like a cream and more like a mask.  i take a small amount and just press it into my entire face and neck quickly, no need for vigorous rubbing or sinking it in.  i concentrate especially around my eyes and eyelids, the area that bugs me the most these days.  

instantly, my skin has this sort of ethereal, otherworldy glow and i feel infinitely better about myself.  it does a wonder on tighenting pores and reducing inflammation. 

i would put this on my whole damn body, if i could afford to.  

clarins eye contour gel

there’s a theme going here.  i do really love these two clarins products and since they’re tried and true, i seem to always stick with them.  the larger theme is that i’m always battling puffiness.  i deal with the craziest seasonal allergies (year-round, completely heredity) so eye-puffiness is my biggest gripe.  

i keep this product in my fridge and put it on as i’m making my morning tea.  it’s super thin and cooling and slides on effortlessly.  i’ll often combine this slick gel with a bit more facial massage and tapping, just to get my lymph nodes flowing.  

i feel like it really helps to reduce puffiness and also the crepiness that i hate on my eyelids.  dark circles aren’t a huge problem for me personally (can’t speak to that but maybe that’s why i don’t have them?) but i love the way they guide you on how to apply it for maximum benefit.  click the link about and scroll down to see the illustration.

ole henriksen banana bright eye cream

did i mention that my eyes are my problem area?  ok, good because my eyes really are my problem area.  😂️

i’m a firm believer in a multi-step approach to eyes and i have a tub of this along with me wherever i go.  i’m absolutely IN LOVE with this eye cream.  it seriously moisturizes without being too heavy and it also color corrects and lightens and brightens the whole area.  i’m not afraid. i will lather this on (pressing gently), the top to bottom of my eye area.

for the most part, i really like to keep my routines to as natural of a product as possible.  (clarins is an exception but i’m hooked, cannot live without.) this one is my fav because it checks all the boxes.  for the most part, i feel like this eye cream allows me to skip the need for concealer on most days.

that’s like a 30 second savings each morning.  woooo!

rms lip2cheek glow quad mini

another thing that you’ll always find in my bag.  i’ll use one of each of these colors and sometime a combo of them all on my face each day.  

i’m a big fan of the bright poppy cheek so i’ll dab this on my apples as well as my lips.  the color builds and it’s not overpowering so you can decide how much pow you give it. the coral pink is super pretty as a subtle blush and lip, too.

i’ll use either the nude dusty rose or the coral pink on my eyelids to give them a bit of shine and contour.  sometimes i’ll use the nude on my cheeks, too, below, the poppy. 

the final step and my favorite part is the champagne luminizer.  i’ll go into this more in detail shortly but i love this product for the inner and outer corner of my eyes, the bow of my lips, the highest point of my cheekbones, as well as down the center of my nose.  sometimes i’ll also put this on my temples, too.  

rms “un” cover-up

this is the product that i’ll use when i feel like i need a bit of coverage. 

for the most part, i’m a big fan of letting any facial blemishes just air out on their own.  i’ll usually treat them heavily with lactic or salicylic acid, niacinamide for swelling, and call it a day. 

but if the surrounding skin is extra red or i’m feeling some darkness coming on under my eyes, i’ll use this product all around my face.  it’s also great for brightening smile lines and the chin crease, around the nose... anywhere you need to counter redness or darkness.  

there are a ton of colors to choose from and the finish is decidely natural and fresh.  sometimes i’ll also use it as a base on my eyelids before i begin the routine above.  it creates a nice canvas for the more shimmery colors to layer on to.

rms eye polish

this is the product that i’ll use on my lids if i’m looking for a bit of extra punch.  it’s generally what i’ll put on at night if i want a bit more of a makeup look.  i’ll add liquid liner and mascara to the equation but that’s a lot more than a 3 minute face! (i really suck at liquid liner!) 😋️

at the time of this writing, magnetic (my personal fav) is 60% off and there’s a lot of other great colors to chose from.  this one just gives me that subtle, sultry smokiness that i like to define my lids.  

some of you may be wondering about using these polishes and whether they crease.  i have to say for someone with oily lids (have you seen how much i use on them, product-wise), these really stay put beautifully and they do have lasting power.

they’re also super great for mature lids.  despite what you’ve been told about creams, this stuff is made for it!

rms living luminzer

arguably their best product and one of the first, this luminzer is the do it all.  i’m pulling it out as a separate find because this color is my favorite.  the quad has a champagne finish that doesn’t show up as much on my skin.

the living luminizer is the easiest way to give yourself that dewy dumpling look that maybe you’ve heard so much about.

temples, eyelids, inner/outer eye corners, cheeks, lip bow, bridge of nose, collarbones.  this product just gives you a bit of that subtle sheen without all the glitter that you might not want.  it’s extra great on dry skin but it’s equally beautiful on oily skin, too.    

this is another product that you’ll always find in my bag.  i also really like to put a tiny bit on under my eyes if i’m feeling a bit tired an dragging.  it gives eyes the tiniest bit of extra pop!