love the one you’re with... 
january, 2023

happy new year! i extend my open heart out to all sentient beings. 

the changing of a year often requires self-reflection and resolutions to make this new year better than the one before it.  we look back on all that we’ve learned and how we’re going to expand our lives. i have admittedly spent a lot of time this past year in self-reflection. (maybe too much!)  so this year, i am choosing a different approach.  at this moment, i’m focusing on today.  not on what i’ve learned but rather to rest in gratitude for the present moment of who i am and how far i’ve come.  

i really want to say it, as much to myself as to anyone else who’s out there reading this.  there is nothing to change, nothing to perfect for any one of us.  that’s what a world based on ‘lack economics’ wants us to believe. it thrives off it at our own expense... that somehow we need to buy this thing, lose weight, change our hair, or conform to a specific norm.  that when we make these changes to our authentic selves, we will THEN be happy. there is absolutely no shame in doing these things and celebrating the strength and self-discipline that it takes to expand our lives.  but this year, i’m just resting in who i am, as i am, and choosing gratitude, happiness, and self-love and care exactly where i am today. 

i’m absolutely so excited for this new year, grateful for my health, the blessing of the love that surrounds me, and all the suprises that this new year has in store. 
just sit there right now
don’t do a thing
just rest.

for your separation from god,
from love,

is the hardest work
in this

let me bring you trays of food
and something
that you like to

you can use my soft words
as a cushion
for your


i hope this new year TODAY brings you health, happiness, purpose, peace, and all the love that you deserve.
bring it on, 2023!  i manifest and magnetize all my heart’s desire. 

all we have is now.

i love you,