teva time

august 2020
ok.  i’ll be the first to admit it.  i‘ve hated these shoes for most of my natural born life and also have heckled people who wear them.  then there was this fashion reimagination of tevas and i was like stilll no way, i’m not on board.   and thennnnnn... i had to go to yelapa and the type of rocky sand, stair climb combo was just not so bueno for my toes.  the havaiana loves of my lifetime just couldn’t cover it.  they actually cut it!  between the toes, rocks and rubber.  ouchie no no.  

so here we are... teva to the rescue.  and of course, i wouldn’t get it any other way.  there is no point in spending lots of money for designer tevas  that will never make you look as cool as the originals already do.

you asked for some of my favorites so please don’t blame me for showing them to you!  GET OUTSIDE!
lisa says gahhh for tevas

soooooo proud!

these will take you to anywhere...

teva x openingceremony youdontsay?

will a sable upper make it better?

fashun.  one word.
isn’t she?

teenage dream...
these are the ones i’m wearing in black.  tride and true but i say go for the colorful ones
these are the new guys...

so right now summer. and also 90s