love on the docks...
november, 2021

what started as an experiment in alternative workspace has turned into a place of refuge.  i found myself here on these waters and i was shown myself, too.  i’ve let go of a lot (in both peace and gratitude) all that wasn’t serving me anymore and in that, i made space for so much more, and even more to come.   gratitude beyond measure to my  blessed friend, ted teren, and also to all the friends both human and aquatic that guided me along the way. 

my recent design work has turned into a fairy tale, for a newly purchased boat, and some special swiss owners.  in collaboration, i worked as an interior designer.  i’m excited for this new chapter. 

in what can only be described as a wild and wonderful turn of events, it’s all falling into place.  divinity has a way of showing you synchronicities in the most unexpected ways, all when you believe in yourself and want good for all that surrounds you, unconditionally.  the door that leads you home to yourself will always be open.  i’m so grateful for you and for this journey back to self.