let’s make party
december, 2021

i’ve been thinking about this a lot recently.  do i buy a dress for new year’s eve without knowing if i’ll even be able to wear it? 

it started a few weeks ago and i can’t seem to get it out of my mind.  and that’s sort of how good dresses go.  it was always such a big deal at the shop, finding the perfect dress.  and this is what i’ve realized...  the perfect dress will always come when you’re never looking for it.  this i can say, without a doubt.  you will never find your perfect dress when you really need one.  it’s always there for you when you’re not looking to find it. 

so yes. BUY THE DRESS when you find it. when you love it, when it fits you, and looks perfect, and it’s too expensive and you walk out of the shop without it...  you will miss it when it’s gone!

there is alllllllllllways a need for a brand new dress.  and sometimes even buying one will make those moments come.

here is mine:

and here’s some of my favorites this season.  
you can get yours! there’s still time.