a word on wire

september, 2019

so i want you to know that i did an insane amount of research to write this post.  i  literally went over the top, above and beyond what is even necessary.  i really had to get into character to drive this point home to you...  


the truth is wire hangers are ugly!  they seriously just do not look good in a closet and clothes are all about looking good and feeling good and they should be treated with the same level of intention.  clothes deserve better than wire... wood, velvet, plastic... take your pick.  there are too many negative wire hanger connotations  (do i need to spell it out for you?) to have them hanging in your closet. it’s just bad juju.

your closet is a safe space.   it’s meant to be beautiful and inspirational.  it’s a place of care and how you express yourself to the outside world.  it’s art.  having nice hangers is a small investment that really makes a big difference in how your clothes hang and look in your closet.  i like to look at my closet as a merchandised store because it makes me feel excited to put together outfits and get ready in the morning.

that’s how you want to start your day!

also, i did a bit of digging to try to understand what motivated joan crawford to freak the F out on wire hangers.  it turns out her mother used to work in a dry cleaner and there was trauma surrounding her childhood, about poverty and her ability to have. 

you can have!  no more wire hangers ever.