1. the edit ;) !!  who doesn't want to start their year off with a tidy closet?
  2. a favorite for every year, the 2019 eat local calendar.
  3. for the new mama in your life, a boob baby blanket!
  4. it's time to take my house smart. wireless sound for all the rooms!
  5. and while we're on the smart tip, why not wireless colored leds?
  6. after recently picking up a cheap jade face roller, i'm ready to up my roller game.  rose quartz is so 2019.
  7. a vitamin c water filter for your hair and skin?  umm yes please!
  8. it's time to make coffee at home again. up your home brew game. 
  9. someone gave me a crystal-infused water bottle for my bday and now i'm hooked.  they make such great gifts!
  10. a gift certificate to my favorite korean spa in town.  a scrub down and soak, yes please.