girls just wanna have fun

why it works...

1.  who hasn’t wanted to master the dress over pants look?  this silhouette makes it exceptionally easy to do.  a strapless a-line will look great over any pair of flares.  

2.  a statement tee (layered no-less!) under a strapless is a brilliant combo.  we’ve all mastered the babydoll/slip dress w tee underneath but why not kick it up a notch like this.

3. the flare is so necessary, here.  it mimics the line of the dress to keep the flow going.  i’d choose a pair with slightly less distressing but the world is your oyster!  i like how the slits disrupt the prim plaid.

4.  here’s your chance to let your statement bag shine.  have fun with it.  the brighter the better.