the work of carrington
december, 2021

i recently watched a film about the life of dora carrington, an english artist of the early twentieth century.  her life and body of work inspire me a great deal.  carrington was a woman that lived freely and loved by her own rules.  while never a formal member of the bloomsbury group in which she associated, carrington (as she was known to those around her) completed a body of work, mostly unsigned, that stood apart from counterparts, either male or female, of her day.  she believed in the creation of art for art’s sake and she lived her life accordingly.

of particular importance was in the way that she chose to fearlessly live, free from the conventions under which she was raised.  carrington was a muse and frequent lover to many artist’s, both male and female.  she freed herself from the confines of the indoctrination of her family values to love with abandon according to the path of her heart.  (so much so...that) it was actually this sensual intensity that kept her body of work from being regarded seriously by the critics of her day.

dora carrington lived and died by her heart and her silent influence on the art world serves as an inspiration.