from time to time, i want to write about my own fashion and body image journey.  sharing via social media hasn’t been the easiest for me, but i’m trying new things in 2020 and i may be able to connect better with whoever might be reading this if i try. 

the work i do with my clients is often-times intensely emotional and personal and i see my work more in terms of ‘fashion therapy’ than anything else. i know that in my case, i felt like i had to choose between being an intelligent, feminist woman or a woman that cared about the way that i looked.  this was a serious disconnect in my life that i’ve had to work through with a lot of self-care, therapy and attention.  that is not everyone’s experience but i do find that this idea resonates with some of the women that i work with.

i am a first generation american woman and i think that in itself created a unique set of circumstances for me.  my mother was middle-eastern and raised in a progressive lebanese-palestinian family with an educated father.  his desire was to see his daughter educated perhaps unlike other families around him.  my mother was first in her class among men at the american university in beirut and then went on to graduate studies at stanford.  she was a product of the ‘60s at a very progressive moment in the development of feminisim in the bay area.  i can see now how the divide was created.  she was naturally beautiful and intelligent and the way that later translated to me was that i was to focus only on my insides, my brain and my heart, and that if i worried about what i looked like, i was somehow not smart. my mother never got facials, she never got her nails done, clothing wasn’t a priority on her list... she didn’t share with me the feminine rites that many mothers and daughters shared.  i was surrounded by girls and mothers that weren’t like this and it became a fascination for me, something that i was missing and that i wanted.  it was that simple.

obvious to me now but subconsciously ingrained into me then, i realized that this could not be further from the truth!!  i want to be ALL of these things simultaneously.  to be smart AND care what i look like are not mutually exclusive and i had to learn to integrate them both in my own life.  light bulb moment 😂️!!  it almost sounds silly when i write it out but seriously, i had to learn this.  this may have been my own interpretation of my mother because she’s not here now to dialogue with but i do have confusing signals that support how this came to be.  my mother, marina, has been gone for 15 years this week.  she passed away from acute myeloid leukemia, and i’ve spent the entire time since then unpacking a lot of what she didn’t.  i love her and miss her so much.

opening mira mira and focusing on fashion all came about after my mother passed away.  i worked in technology until opening the store in 2011, so that’s why helping women find this connection between external and internal self is so important to me.  i want to help women because i realize that many of us are stuck here and it shows up in a lot of different ways.  it resonates with me and i’m hoping that this blog will shine more light on what women deal with in their closets and how i can help.  

thanks for reading.... 

xx mira

ps.  i’m trying to figure out how to enable comments on my site and when i do, you’ll be able to comment here.  for now, please message me at if this resonates with you and you’d like to talk more about it.