today’s obsession / i am loving awareness

april, 2020

lots of love to all of you that may be struggling out there.  it gets harder and harder to feel at peace when the future is a complete unknown and the news of the world really begins to set in.

i wanted to post another check in with my teacher, ram dass... a simple 10 minute meditation that brings a state of calm that resonates throughout your heart chakra and out into the world.  i find this daily practice brings so much tranquility to the influx of intense emotions that fire through me each and every day.  it’s a roller coaster sometimes being a cancer (or just being a human these days!) especially with a disposition to nurture and take external trauma on internally.  i’m getting better at it as i get older and work on myself more, feeding less into my own emotions, and focusing more energy into the satsang.  leading with compassion is a daily practice.

if you need something that will instantly ground you in love and connection, you can read more here and do the meditation above.  #heartforward