today’s obsession / i am loving awareness, always.

march, 2021

i can think of no better day to center our hearts and extend them out into the the world than on international women’s day.  i send lots of love to all of you that may be struggling out there.  there is a light within us all that can shine out to the world to create love and positivity, sisterhood.  we are the most loving, magnetic forces on this earth and it is our responsibility to hold this light out to anyone and everyone.  we are a powerful force of strength, compassion and love.  it’s what makes us unique in all the world.  what a powerful responsbility that we embody each and every day.  i love you!

i wanted to post another check in with my teacher, ram dass... a simple 10 minute meditation that brings a state of calm that resonates throughout your heart chakra and out into the world.  i find this daily practice brings so much tranquility to the influx of intense emotions that fire through me each and every day.  it’s a roller coaster sometimes being a cancer (or just being a human these days!) especially with a disposition to nurture and take external trauma on internally.  i’m getting better at it as i get older and work on myself more, feeding less into my own emotions, and focusing more energy into the satsang.  leading with compassion is a daily practice.

if you need something that will instantly ground you in love and connection, you can read more here and do the meditation above.  #heartforward