it’s definitely been a wild ride this past year...first in closing the store and then diving head-first into the whirlwind of the edit.  as the months flew by, i started to realize just how much i needed some space to mourn the closing of the store and get a hang of my new life without it.  starting a new business is already a battle and there’s loads of things that fall through the cracks along the way.  it actually started innocently enough, i didn’t really think about it.  i was engaged with my new business and clients and i kept forgetting to document anything that i was doing anymore.  and then slowly it started to progress and i found myself not wanting to engage that much on social platforms at all.  stepping back from it all was a necessary part of my mourning process and it felt better to be more present in my daily life and not be obliged to share it in a way that just didn’t feel meaningful to me anymore.  taking a big break from social, my blog and the newsletter has helped me recharge and enjoy again what had started to feel like a chore.  and now things have changed and i’ve really started to miss it and the grounding, creative space it’s been in my life.  before mira mira had an IG or even a website, i had a blog and we poured a lot of love and energy into it.  so if you want to see where i’ll be spending more of my time these days, find me here.  it’s where i’m able to visually collect my thoughts and inspirations and make creative sense of the work that i’m doing. 

looking forward to seeing you here! ❤️

xx mira