line love // self-portrait
may, 2021

every once in a while, a beautiful line will slip right past me.  for someone who shops for a living and takes pride in knowing about as many independent, foreign brands as i can, when a client shows me a new one and it resonates deeply within me, i’m high on life for weeks.  i want to know everything about the brand and deep dive as far as i can into their history.  there is a lot of catching up to do when i find something that inspires me to the level that self-portrait does.  

established in 2013 by london-based, malaysian designer, han chong, the emphasis here is on ultra-feminine fabrics and silhouettes to set any girly-girl’s heart aflutter.  i love the unabashed feminity... puffed sleeves, pleats, bold lace, and modern takes on tulle.  there’s a building upon this feminity from season to season, adding bold leathers yet pairing them also with the flightiest of separates.  while there is a softness to her designs, there is also a tough broad within the self-portrait woman and this is probably what resonates with me the most.