some simple, sage advice
november, 2021

an item for our permanent record.  and this song which is on repeat, for some reason, these days.  

i got some really (REALLY!) great advice the other day from a dear friend whom i work with that i thought could be helpful to share.  having lost my mama fairly early in life, i have always felt a little clueless when it comes to lady problems, no matter how small.  i think that’s probably why i started doing this work, so that we could create community, collaboration and conversation around fashion, beauty, and the myriad of questions surrounding identity and what it means to express ourselves as women. 

the question i posed to jackie was something we have all asked many times in this lifetime.  should i keep my hair short or grow it out?  but it was her response, one that i had never heard before, that really helped me make a clear decision.  i admire and respect jackie so much and even while i’m working in her closets, i realize how much more i gain from her experience and savvy.

“you have the rest of your life to have short hair but long hair might not look as good later on in life.” 

i’m definitely at that certain age where this really resonates with me and michelle and i talked about it while i was getting my hair cut the other day at barrow salon.  i love and truly value the moments that we spend together.  (i’ve spoken of her before, don’t want to gush too much!)  michelle agreed that jackie had a really simple, smart way of putting it and that she would share it with her other clients.

the most important message here is this... we all have our own unique gifts and strengths in life and when we can share them freely between us, we are all so much stronger because of it.   sharing knowledge, sharing secrets, no matter how small... we are all truly better when we are together.

and my answer is clear.  i’m growing my hair out, AGAIN.