most wanted 

october, 2019
what’s the single most requested item that’s in the closet of all of my clients?  it’s the super soft, long-sleeve button down shirt.  they’re both having a moment and always a classic.  imho, if you want the absolute best, you’ll find one from xirena.  fabric is everthing when it comes to how something drapes and it’s why my clients always ask me why their picks never seem to look as effortless as what they see on pinterest.  and while there’s a lot of options out there, xirena has really nailed the perfect fit.  yes, they might be more expensive than ones you’d find at knock-off stores but those just never look like the original.  it’s one and done here and with proper care, you’ll have it for the rest of your life. plus there are unique colors and prints to chose from season after season, and all in a variety of fabrications.  i suggest you start with the basic white beau and your closet will never be lonely again.