new year, new look

january, 2019
happy new year!
i’m sorry to be so MIA.

there’s been a lot of unexpected twists on my end... and more of the universe telling me it’s actually time to let it all go, all of it.  just when i thought i had landed in my old space with the promise of a new start and a new business, the universe had another turn for me.

after an intense battle with my landlord, i realized that if my old space was meant to be, there wouldn’t be any obstacles in my way.  it was a hard lesson in totally letting go.  so i packed it all up in less than a week and i’m on my way.  it’s a new year, a new chapter and a fresh start.  i'm feeling aligned and excited by all the possibilities!

the shop was always an extension of my home. i wanted it to feel exactly like you were walking into my bedroom.  so here i am now, undertaking the strange task of putting the things back in my home that had been at mira mira, some of them right back to the same place they were 8 years ago.   at first it felt almost like nothing had ever happened and this felt very strange.  but then i started noticing a joyous synchronicity.  all of the new things i acquired specifically for mira mira fit right in at my home and new office, almost as if they’d always been here.  so in this i realized.. there can be no edit without mira mira.  everything i've learned is a step along the way to being able to confidently share my experience of styling women and serve them in any way that i can in their own closets.  these two paths were meant to be here together and all this experience (with all the ups and downs) can take me confidently to where i am now.  big sigh.  big smile.  heart forward. ❤️


it’s a new year and you can reinvent yourself, too.  i've launched the edit package with an intro price of $500 but this will be going up in february so purchase soon to schedule yours and take advantage of this amazing deal.  i promise you... it's definitely worth the investment in yourself and will help you with a new approach to organizing your closet.  the edit has already helped so many women let go of the clutter, inspiring them to create outfits and make getting dressed a lot simpler and a lot more fun.   a new year, a new look, there is no better time!

i'm going to spend this year slowly showing you just how my process works and how it can help you.  i'm so thankful for you to be along for the fun!