there is no other place i want to be

december, 2021

this post gives you a short video guide to my favorite closet tip... “everything in its right place”. 

i’ve already used one of my favorite radiohead songs to sing along with this trick in a previous post
lately i’ve been thinking that jesus jones has it right.

i’ve spoken a bit about why closet organization is so important to start your day in a meditative state which is so necessary for today’s chaotic world.  there is already so much pressure on us as we leave the house to go about our day.  while we cannot always control the outside stress, we can definitely create a practice that will allow us to put our best foot forward to start each day.

it may seem like such a small thing, getting dressed in the morning, we do it everyday.  but the way that we approach this routine can have a huge impact.  one of the biggest keys to remaining calm is being able to find what we’re looking for.  goodness, don’t i know this.  it seems i’m always looking for lost items in my home (phone anyone?).  that seems like something i haven’t quite yet tackled.  butttt... i would say generally, i do always know how to find what i’m looking for in my closet.  and funnily enough, i do also seem to be able to always find the items that i’m looking for in the closets that i regularly work in.  i think that this tip is really my favorite because i know the huge impact that is has when implemented and maintained.  it takes a bit of practice but when you do, it will become a lot easier.

try it and tell me if it works for you... i’m excited to hear from you!