split closet reorg
september 2020

i wanted to share with you a super dreamy vintage/designer closet edit and reorganization that i did last week for a very cool client. (masks on, doors open, safety first!)  if you’re like most of us, there isn’t enough space in our small victorian closets to hold the typical women’s wardrobe, especially when you might be sharing the space with another person.  a great idea (if you’re lucky to have a seperate studio/garage) is to split your wardrobe up between the essentials upstairs and your more party wear and coats/jackets dowstairs.  having your outer layer outside is particularly easy if you drive to work and you have to head out through your garage anyway.  

i wish that i’d been smart enough to photograph the chaos before i started but i’m always too focused on the task at hand.  typical mira!  butttt, i did manage to take a video of the process mid-way so you can get a sense at how crazy it can get.  thankfully, it doesn’t stay like that long! 

in this case, i organized the dresses on the top bar by sleeve length, the strappys to the far left and then progressing down.  at the end there is a small group of suits.  and then on the bottom bar, i started with the skinny strapped party tops (tucked in at the far left, she doesn’t have to get to them much) and then progress down by sleeve-lenth and color to a group of coats/jackets.  again, these are organized by sleeve length down the length to end in a group of black jackets and then f fun sequins or shiny group at the end.  there is a seperate coat rack for the longer and heavier coats that i forgot to photograph. and, there’s still a bit of work to do here.  the bottom rack has to be raised up a bit to protect everything on it but it’s almost done.

the outcome?  a perfectly organized closet where everything is really visible and easy to find tucked away in a studio that will bring inspiration to anyone’s day!

xx mira

still in process... raising up the lower bar so the jackets are safe and sound at the bottom.  
party dress at top, by sleeve length w a couple of suits at the end.