the gender fluid edit
june, 2021

i'm so excited to introduce you to a new service that is very close to my heart!

sometimes the universe keeps ringing you over and over again until you begin to trust the signs to walk in that direction. over the past two years, i’ve had the pleasure of working with some clients on a special journey. 

now more than ever, spirit (divinity, these crazy times, call it what you will) has asked us to look within, to let go of parts of ourselves that are no longer working, and to walk in the direction of our hearts.  to me, there is no more authentic journey than that of someone who is choosing to transition.

walking this path with clients is not something new to me. together with my uber-talented and compassionate shop girls, we had been grateful to assist some transgender and gender fluid clients (TGNC) since my days as the shop owner of my closed boutique, mira mira, in the mission district.  to say that i was intimidated at first would be an understatement!   i surprised myself when i trusted my intuitive style sense and learned i could do this naturally and that it gave me such an immediate sense of purpose. 

i'm an old school san francisco girl, raised right by the castro, and once part of the colorfully fluid rave scene of the 90s in sf, nyc, and beyond.  fluidity and freedom  have always been a big part of who i am.  but after opening mira mira,  i got a lot of practice and by trial and error, i was grateful to have customers that were willing to help me learn. what i realized is that (of course!) the rules are all the same. no matter who we are or how we present ourselves, it benefits us to know what are our most positive attributes and to learn to accentuate them in the most effortless way.  having an elegant but playful approach to dressing, to colors, prints and silhouettes, i can create a unique look that is joyful and authentic to all of my customers.  i surprised not only my trans clients but also myself about how much we could really transform a look and someone’s life. 

what we learned is the cool-girl chic that we were once known for could be transported to anyone!  the style and lessons are the same… an intimate understanding of our bodies and our style goals, delivered with compassion and lots of support, helps us to confidently learn what to wear to bring out our very best, inside and out. for all my transgender clients, this is a joyful discovery process to be seen as we are today and not as we once presented.

i’m honored and humbled (and soooo dang excited!)  to officially offer a new service to my business roster and to be along on this journey.  introducing…the fluid edit!



here’s how it works...

the gender fluid edit

are you looking to gain a mastery in all the cuts and silhouettes that are most flattering for your frame?  do you need some expert help in expanding your wardrobe to encompass all that you are on your transition journey?  this is a service very near and dear to my heart!  i will help you learn all the best fits to help you look and feel your very best!

before we meet:  define your style
you'll create a pinterest style board and collect images of clothing that you love and that inspires you.  the end goal?  a visual representation that brings your personal style to life.  don't worry if you don't think you know what that is yet.  i can give you guidance with this step, if you need some inspiration.

1st session: the virtual edit  (1 hour)
  • we'll discuss your pinterest board and get focused on what you’re trying to achieve
  • you'll give me a virtual closet tour and pull out key pieces that you love to discuss in detail
  • we’ll have an in-depth tour of your best assets and colors, a detailed focus on what to enhance, what works and what doesn’t

2nd session: personal styling and closet visit (2-3 hours)
  • we'll go through your closet and you'll try items on to create an in-depth look into what you love and what you want
  • i'll give you a top-to-bottom understanding of all the fits and colors that suit your silhouette as well as your style goals
  • we will edit out everything that doesn’t fit (!) or align and i’ll help you decide what to do with them (i.e. donate, sell or store)
  • i'll discover what's missing in your closet and note what to buy to wear more of what you own
  • now the fun begins!  i'll make outfits with what you have and i'll teach you how i do this
  • want a visual reminder of the looks i create?  we can take photos of all your favorites
  • after we meet, a breakdown of all that we discussed will arrive in your in-box.  this will focus on the cuts and styles that work best for you and why, an overview of color palates and proportions to focus on.
  • a personalized shopping list will arrive in your inbox based on what was discovered during our session

to schedule the gender fluid edit or to learn more, contact me here.