tuck untuck
april 2021

an illustrated guide to what i consider one of the most important tricks of them all.  

the tuck untuck is that effortless move that can really make the most of an outfit.  not only is it the #1 slimming trick, it’s also the reason that you see those fits on pinterest and wonder why they look so effortless, so chic and just so good.  this elusive style tip is not as simple or straightforward as it seems...

an oversized outfit, without a lot of definition.


cleanly tucked in.  since i don’t have a lot of waist defintion, my pants always sit at the slimmest point.

a full front-only tuck really slims and defines the waist...

a very subtle front tuck with both sides draped.  effortless and chic, very fluid for camouflaging.  

a side tuck to define the hip and waist.  a good style note.  a juujing (you know the word, i don’t know how to spell it!) trick that’s v chic.

here’s the back for a bootie view.  this is best for people with hour-glass shapes, slim waists, great butts. (not me!)

a profile view, shows the back casually draped out.  

a side-by-side comparison to a fully tucked front.  this gives a lot more visibility to the waist and a tummy.

a view from the side, front back subtly drapes.  casual, effortless, and cool.